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September 17, 2008

Episode #720

Gardening in Georgia

Propagating Figs

If you like figs, lots of figs, this is your day! Fig expert Ray Givan
grows dozens of fig varieties in middle Georgia. He has a simple way to
propagate his figs (even Walter can do it!) that allows him to share his
figs with friends and neighbors. All you need is a pot, some dirt and a
soft drink bottle.

Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees

The most common way to plant a mid-sized tree is when it is dug and then
the roots wrapped in burlap. Walter has a big kousa dogwood to install
and he shows the steps used to help the tree succeed. Remember: “Right
Plant, Right Place, Right Time and Right Planting Technique”.

Trees for the Landscape

Garden Hose Repairs

Walter is always bothered by waste. And one of the biggest wastes he
sees is a perfectly good water hose put in the trash because someone
didn’t know how to repair it. Walter compares different quality hoses
and demonstrates how to repair one.