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August 27, 2008

New Plants for Your landscape

Gardening in Georgia

Bobby Saul, from ItSaul Nursery, has devoted his career to finding and
marketing exciting new plants. Have you seen variegated corn? How about
a coreopsis with tubular petals? Walter visits with Bobby at the annual
Southern Nursery Association meeting to learn more about his newest

Butterfly Bushes

The colorful butterfly bush enhances landscapes throughout the
Southeast. The honey scent of the flowers and the insects that the shrub
attracts make it a favorite. Walter visits with Leilani Vining in
Dawsonville to find out how to care for this popular plant.

Publication: Native Plants for Georgia

Asian Exotic Invasive Plants

What happens when a plant that is kept in check in its native land is
introduced to a continent where it has no predators? That’s exactly the
case with kudzu, elaeagnus and multiflora rose. Walter walks through a
site that has these plus several other invasive plants. Remember, the
best way to control a pest is to first identify it correctly.

Poison Ivy & Jewelweed

Nature is funny about how it designs plants. It gives us the terribly
allergic poison ivy vine, and right alongside provides jewelweed, which
soothes the itch of the ivy. Can you identify both plants? Walter shows
us how.

Publication: Controlling Poison Ivy