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August 20, 2008

Liriope Varieties

Gardening in Georgia

We immediately recognize liriope, which some folks call monkey grass.
But did you know that there are dozens of different varieties of
liriope? Wally Pressey from Classic Groundcovers, gives Walter a tour of
his favorites.

Publication: Groundcovers

Hornet Nest in Azaleas

"Should he or shouldn't he?" When Walter found a big hornet nest in an
azalea, he had to wrestle with his nature-loving conscience. Hornets are
valuable predators, consuming thousands of destructive caterpillars. But
they can be a real danger to animals and humans who pass by. Walter
describes how hornets build a nest... but you'll have to tune in to see
what he does about it.

Moon Vine

Moon vine is one of the most beautiful night-blooming flowers. Its
delicate scent attracts pollinating moths and bats while its luminous
white flower attracts humans at dusk. Walter tells how you can have one
of these great annual vines in your landscape.

Determining the Insect Population in Your Lawn

Can bugs swim? Walter knows that most of them can't... and this give him
a great technique for determining if harmful insects are living in his
lawn. All you need is a bucket and some dish soap.