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July 23, 2008

Japanese Beetle Big Game Hunt

Gardening in Georgia

You’ve seen the TV shows about big game hunting. The hunter quietly
sneaks up on his prey while whispering into his microphone about the
process. Walter goes on a "big game" hunt is his own back yard. The
"prey"? Japanese beetles!

Conifers for the South

Conifers aren't used nearly enough in Southern landscapes. Elizabeth
Dean at Wilkerson Mill Gardens tries to persuade Walter that conifers
aren't "Yankee plants".

Common Georgia Spiders

Better skip this segment if you suffer from arachnophobia! Lisa Ames,
University of Georgia entomologist, LOVES spiders. She shows Walter
several common ones that are completely harmless.... plus a poisonous
one that is often mis-identified... plus one that we think of as a
spider but isn't a spider at all. Come back from behind the sofa and
learn more about these eight-legged creatures.

Controlling English Ivy

How many times have you heard "I sprayed weed killer on that patch of
English ivy and it didn't do a thing!" Walter says that English ivy can
be a very invasive vine... climbing trees and smothering lower plants.
And it CAN be controlled! Walter shows how to easily control ivy with
pruners and with herbicide.