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July 16, 2008

A Wire Girdle

Gardening in Georgia

Vigorous plants can grow so fast they become floppy. That's the case in
Walter's garden: his crinum has become too floppsy. Walter shows how to
make a "girdle" to surround the leaves and flowers and hold them upright.

A Tea Garden and A Pizza Garden in Pots

If only we had smell-o-vision! Walter follows his nose with Amanda
Campbell at the Atlanta Botanical Garden to visit plants that can be
grown to make tea as well as a nice presence in a landscape. Moving
along the culinary path, Amanda shows him a "pizza pot", which has been
planted with most of the ingredients you’d need for a delicious pizza!

Repairing a Lightning Strike

Bang! Boom! You sit bolt upright in your bed during a thunderstorm and
realize that the tree near your house has been hit by lightning. The
lightning strike is not automatically a death sentence for a tree. Hank
Bruno at Callaway Gardens shows Walter what he did to protect two white
oak trees after they were hit.

Moving Plants in Liquor Boxes

How can you move plants from your existing landscape to another one?
Using small boxes is a great way. Walter says the best source of small
cardboard boxes is a liquor store... but what would you do if someone
from your church saw you entering such a place!? Walter dons a disguise
to visit his local house of spirits and collect the boxes he needs to
demonstrate how to move plants from one home to another.