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July 9, 2008

Edible Plants

Gardening in Georgia

No lunch for Walter! He doesn’t need anything to eat when Karen Park
Jennings shows him around the vegetable test garden at Park Seed in
South Carolina. Purple basil, big podded beans, white-skinned cucumbers
are park of the meal!

Recycling in the Garden

When Walter's neighbors replaced their mailbox, he immediately asked for
it. He mounted it in his garden to hold things he regularly needs, like
bug spray, jute twine and wire ties. Watch him use each of these items
to solve garden situations.

Spittle Bugs

You might have seen little gobs of "spit" on your flower stems in summer
and wondered what animal had recently passed. It’s no animal – it’s an
insect! Spittlebugs suck plant sap and exude foam to protect themselves.
When they become adults, spittlebugs become an easily recognizable
insect in late summer lawns.

Pulling Chinese Privet

General MacArthur said "I shall return!" but Walter had no intention of
EVER returning to his family farm to pull Chinese privet. That is, until
he discovered three nifty tools that make pulling privet easy! He
demonstrates the Weed Wrench (, the Honeysuckle
Popper ( and the Dandy Digger
( His conclusion? All three work much better
than crawling under a thicket of privet to pull them out with a chain
and tractor!

Controlling Root Suckers

Many trees are famous for presenting "suckers" (small limbs) along the
trunk or roots. Flowering cherry, crapemyrtle, and crabapple trees can
become a jungle if suckers aren't regularly removed. Walter has found a
product that effectively controls suckers: Sucker Stopper
( and he demonstrates its use.