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July 2, 2008

Container for a Sunny Deck

Gardening in Georgia

Kelley Hafer's family enjoys lounging by their backyard pool but plants
have had a hard time surviving the heat and glare. Walter teaches Kelley
the finer points of container design ("Uppy, Downy, All Aroundey!") but
they do it in the shade of the porch!

Lemon Plants

For some reason, many plants have a lemon fragrance. Master herb grower
Patricia Collins brings several to show Walter AND she brings cookies
flavored with the lemon balm plant.

Cabbage Aphids

Walter receives an interesting email via the RM2 Garden Satellite
Receiver: how to control "lice"on cabbage. Is it time to hit the garden
panic button? Walter considers the problem and decides that the panic
button shall remain un-punched!

Bottle Bushes & Other Garden Art

Do you have haints in your garden? Do your tomatoes look poorly? Does
your squash vine wilt? Walter shows how to build a bottle shrub that is
guaranteed to keep haints, elephants, and alligators out of your
landscape. And if you’ve ever wanted to inexpensively decorate an agave
or aloe plant... why not use a Styrofoam egg carton? Walter says this
will bring more comments than ANY other plant you have!