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June 25, 2008

Different Hydrangeas

Gardening in Georgia

June should be named "Georgia Hydrangea Month". These common landscape
shrubs bloom their hearts out every summer. But there is a lot more to
the hydrangea family than the usual blue- and pink-flowered kinds.
Walter visits with Gene Griffith and Elizabeth Dean at Wilkerson Mill
Gardens to learn about hydrangea alternatives... including vining
hydrangeas and one whose flower looks like a white sheep’s head!


Heuchera, also known as alum root, was virtually unknown ten years ago.
But there has been an explosion of new leaf colors and flower types in
the past five years. Stephanie Turner at Park Seed shows Walter all of
the choices we have with this gorgeous perennial.

Weeds to Know

With apologies to a popular 50's song, “To know, know, know to
control, control, control them.” Walter shows how to identify three
common landscape weeds: mulberry weed, yellow oxalis, and copperleaf.

Weed Control in Greenhouses

Squash Sex

Vegetable gardeners worry if planting a cantelope next to a zucchini
will result in a "cantechini". And how will the fruit taste if a
watermelon grows near a cucumber? Walter says you’ll notice nothing at
all... and he puts on his pollination and genetics hat to explain why.

Commercial Production and Management of Squash and Cucumbers