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June 11, 2008

Georgia Master Gardener Program

Gardening in Georgia
There are thousands of trained Master Gardeners serving their
communities across Georgia. They are required to attend a several-week
course and then to give back many hours of volunteer time before being
named Master Gardeners. Marco Fonseca tells how anyone can apply to be
in this volunteer educational program.

Pruning Back Chrysanthemums

Those huge pots of mums you see in fall didn’t just grow that way: they
had to be pruned in summer. Walter demonstrates how to give
chrysanthemums and other plants a summer haircut.
Watering Strawberry Pots

If you’ve ever planted a strawberry pot, you know how hard it is to get
water to penetrate all the way to the bottom. Walter shows how to make a
watering tube the conducts water to the lower soil layers while watering
the top plants as well.

Creekwater for Gardening

If you garden near a lake or stream, you’ve probably been tempted to
pump the free water onto your lawn or landscape. Dick Tirzia has been
doing it for years and he give Walter his tips on how to design the
system correctly.

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