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October 29, 2008

Episode #726

Gardening in Georgia

Making Succulent Soil

Some house plants are simply not happy in regular bagged potting soil.
That’s the case with succulents, whether cactus, sedum or jade plant.
Walter outlines a simple recipe for making succulent soil and also
demonstrates how to move cacti without getting stuck by the spines.

Saving Caladiums

Caladiums are a gorgeous foliage plant to have in a landscape. It’s too
bad they are not winter hardy! Walter shows how to dig the corms and how
to keep them indoors over the winter.


Persimmons are certainly a yin-yang kind of fruit. When ripe, they are
delicious. But bite into a green American persimmon and your taste buds
will never forgive you! Walter discovers that some Oriental persimmons
can be eaten raw without puckering. Tune in to find out which ones!

Plant Tropisms

A “tropism” is just a plant movement. Plants move towards sunshine,
toward gravity and toward water. Walter demonstrates several tropisms
and how they make plants behave the way they do.