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October 22, 2008

Episode #725

Gardening in Georgia

Waterwise Planting

It seems like Hank Bruno at Callaway Gardens always has the latest tips
on planting correctly. He’d better! He supervises the installation of
thousands of plants annually! Today he shows Walter how to plant a
Japanese maple so it will thrive with a minimum of water.

Publication: Best Management Practices for Landscape Water Conservation

Decomposing a Stump

After removing a big tree, it’s often easier to haul away the limbs and
trunk than it is to get rid of the stump. Walter demonstrates three ways
of dealing with a stump: laissez faire, chemical decomposition and
planting over it.

Lichens in Azaleas

The gray-green scales of lichens are often seen on the trunk of weak
plants. But did the lichens cause the plant to decline or did they come
in after the leaves were lost. Tune in to find out if you should take a
liking to lichens!

Not a Holly

In one of Walter’s first horticultural memories, his grandmother
mis-identified a large leaf with spines along the edge. It looked like a
holly but Walter learned later that it was not. In fact, there are
several plants that look like hollies but are not. Join him on a tour of
the University of Georgia Horticulture Farm near Watkinsville to learn
how to tell them apart.