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October 15, 2008

Episode #724

Gardening in Georgia

Tree Moving

When you need to move fifteen twenty-foot tall trees, a shovel and
wheelbarrow just won’t do! That’s when you hire a tree spade operator to
bring their specialized machines to do your work. Walter visits with
Patric Fischer as big machines with sharp blades trundle along behind them.

Castor Bean

There is no similar plant to castor bean. The dramatic foliage, red seed
pods and tall pink stems make it stand out in a landscape. Walter
describes this remarkable plant...and warns that the seeds are extremely

Cooking Wood Chips

When you have an unlimited supply of wood chips and an entire
neighborhood in need of good soil, what do you do? Alphonsine Mfwamba, a
native of Congo, allowed the chips to be dumped on vacant land near her
home. Walter shows her how to add a magic ingredient to the ships that
allows them to “cook” into good soil in short order.