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October 8, 2008

Episode #723

Gardening in Georgia

Commercial Tree Removal

The smell of pine rosin permeated Walter’s neighborhood when this
segment was filmed. In fact, it was strongest right in front of his
house! Walter hates to do it but three big pine trees must be removed.
Making lemonade out of lemons, he documents the process so you can watch
a professional tree crew at work.


Is that delicious native grape a scupperdine or a muskedong? Walter uses
the RM2 satellite receiver to answer a gardener’s question. Plus, he
shares the proper way to eat a muscadine AND his mother’s famous
muscadine hull pie recipe!

Fall Vines

Vines that bloom in fall can really make a statement in a landscape.
Walter tours the University of Georgia Demonstration and Research Garden
in Griffin to highlight cypress vine and purple hyacinth bean vine.

Publication: Vines in Georgia

Saving Mandevilla for Another Year

With its bright flowers, mandevilla adorns many a mailbox and trellis in
Georgia. However, it is not winter-hardy in our state. Walter shows a
simple technique of clipping the vine and moving it to an indoor pot for
the winter.