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May 28, 2008

Mudding Roots

Gardening in Georgia

Gardeners often have dirt under their fingernails but today Walter gets
muddy up to his armpits! Elizabeth Dean enthusiastically shows Walter
the muddy method she uses to pot up bare root magnolia trees. By the
time they're finished, both are covered in mud... but the trees are
prepared for a healthy life. Clay is not ALWAYS bad for plant roots!

Moving Sun-loving Plants

When sun-loving plant are gradually shaded by nearby trees, they suffer.
And when shade-loving plants are planted in sun, they suffer just as
much. Walter discovers loropetalum and hosta that are not where they
like to be. With a big heave ho, he demonstrates how to perform an easy

Rosemary Spider Mites

Speckled leaves on your rosemary, butterfly bush or foxglove: sound
familiar in your garden? It may be spider mites sucking the chlorophyl
from the cells. But these creatures are so tiny, it’s hard to be sure.
Walter shows an up close and personal view of these pests and confides
that it’s not too hard to control them if you know they’re present.

The War Under Your Trees

As a child, Walter was fascinated with toy soldiers. He made innumerable
forts and hideouts where his plastic troops could wage war on each
other. He brings his toys out of storage to demonstrate the root war
that continuously goes on beneath your trees. Grass and weed roots fight
tooth and nail with tree roots to steal water and nutrients. Walter
shows how to give a fighting advantage to your tree in order to keep it
healthy for years to come.