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May 21, 2008


Gardening in Georgia

It's a common wish: to propagate a special plant, like your Mother's
rose or your neighbor's hydrangea. Planting seed won’t result in an
exact copy of the plant but Walter knows a way to help the plant make an
exact clone. All you need is a fist-ful of sphagnum moss and three items
you already have in your kitchen. Watch as Walter demonstrates the
simple technique of air-layering.

Sodding a New Lawn

Sodding gives instant pleasure! What was once bare ground is covered
with a carpet of green in just a couple of hours. But Walter says that
the preparation that goes before the sod is laid makes all the
difference in how well it prospers for you. We start with bare soil,
till it, rake it and roll it to make a good root bed. With a bit of
grunt work the sod is laid and Walter enjoys a cool drink after a day of

Lawn Mower Maintenance

The thing that keeps most folks from maintaining their mower properly is
simply getting it off the ground. Walter demonstrates a way to easily
lift the mower using a ladder and a cinderblock. Once it's in the air,
he changes the oil and replaces the blade so the mower can get back to
the important work of keeping the lawn beautiful.