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May 14, 2008

Maintenance-Free Flower Beds

Gardening in Georgia

The prospect of a dry summer makes many gardeners look for plants that
give lots of color but are very drought tolerant. Walter joins guest
Kelley Hafer to design a small, water conserving flower bed that could
beautify any home.

Pruning a Shrub Properly

"Is pruning a limb like cutting my arm off?" Whenever gardeners are
faced with the prospect of removing a limb or reducing the size of a
shrub, they wonder this age-old question in their minds. Fortunatelt,
Walter says pruning is NOT the equivalent of surgey on a human.
University of Georgia horticulturist David Berle demonstrates for Walter
the simple tools and techniques of pruning that make it worry-free.

Witch Hazel Gall Aphids

They're little noticed but fascinating members of the bug world:
gall-making insects. The interesting thing about them is that many make
a characteristically-shaped gall on their specific host plant. Oaks have
sower gall wasps, ragweed has stem gall xxx and witchhazel has cone gall
aphids. But the aphids that make galls on witchhazel leaves affect
another plant: they make birch tree leaves look like ruffled potato
chips! See the beautiful close-ups of this unique insect and its homes.