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May 7, 2008

Propagating Begonias

Gardening in Georgia

"It’s a simple as snip, snip, snip!" says Jim Alston as he shows Walter
how to propagate begonias. Begonias come in many leaf forms, from angel
wing to spiraled like a snail. If you have one you’d like to propagate,
garb your scissors and snip!


These spiny-leaved plants look at home in the desert but many of them
find Georgia a favorable haunt. David McMullin shows Walter his favorite
agaves and also demonstrates how toenail clippers can keep an agave
owner from shedding blood.

Fertilize Your Pecan Tree

"More leaves, more pecans." This simple rule governs whether you'll have
enough nuts to make several pies or barely enough to feed the squirrels.
Walter says that if you know how thich your pecan tree trunk is you can
easily figure out how much 10-10-10 to apply to make more leaves.