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April 23, 2008

Cold Weather and Vegetables

Gardening in Georgia

Gardeners are sometimes gamblers. They want to plant their vegetables at
the first sign of warm weather in the spring. But almost every year a
spring freeze zaps leaves from tender tomatoes and sensitive squash. At
Callaway Gardens, David Chambers shows Walter what happened to his
vegetables and fruits when an unexpected freeze hit.

Italian Arum

Most plants are at their showiest in summer. Italian arum, though,
produces silver-veined leaves in early spring and then spikes of red
berries in May. The plant has completely disappeared by summer. Join
Walter as he describes this fascinating addition to your shade garden.

Build a Rain Barrel

Extended dry weather is always a possibility in Georgia. Watering
restrictions are becoming more common. But if you can store rainwater,
it can be used any time you like! Walter shows how to build a rain
barrel using common plumbing components.

Planting Groundcovers Between Stones

Groundcover plants look great when sprawled between stepping stones. But
if the stones are difficult to move, how can you plant the groundcovers
between adjacent stones. Walter shows an innovative use of a drill and a
vacuum cleaner that allowed him to plant creeping thyme in front of his
backyard water feature.

Ground Covers

Spacing Plant Material: Ground Covers