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April 16, 2008

Care of Mail Order Plants

Gardening in Georgia

Gardeners have ordered plants by mail for ages. What’s the best way to
care for the plants once they are liberated from that dark cardboard
box? Walter unwraps the mystery as he highlights plants received from
the Athens Select superior plant program.

Athens Select


Asian wisteria is a menace to pine trees throughout the South. But did
you know there is a much better behaved American wisteria? Walter
introduces us to ‘Amethyst Falls’ wisteria and shows how to tell the two
vines apart.

Vines in Georgia

House for Pollinating Bees

Bees are incredibly useful in a landscape or garden. But the population
of wild honeybees has almost disappeared in suburban areas. Never fear,
Mother Nature provides other bees to take up the slack! Walter shows how
to build simple housing for orchard mason bees using a drill and a block
of wood. You can even use pieces of bamboo to give them a comfortable home!

Bee Conservation in the Southeast

Publication: Bee Conservation in the Southeast

They mysteriously and unexpectedly rise from the earth... but where do
they come from? Walter takes trowel in hand to dig into this puzzle.
Would you believe he discovers that mushrooms are flowers, but they
don’t come from seed?