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April 9, 2008

A Visit to Bonnie Farms Tomato Greenhouse

Gardening in Georgia

Where does that big slice of tomato come from on your home-made BLT?
Obviously, it comes from a tomato plant. But where does the tomato plant
come from? In many cases, it comes from a huge greenhouse, where
millions of plants just like it are grown for the retail market. Walter
visits Bonnie Plant Farm in Alabama to find out where his ‘Big Boy’ was

Building Bluebird Boxes

Bluebirds are incredibly beautiful. They are common in Georgia
landscapes... but they could be seen more often if they had adequate
places to live. Cory Croft at Callaway Gardens shows Walter how to
choose and install bluebird houses.

Martin Houses

Environmental Enhancement with Ornamental Plants:
Attracting Birds

Will My Seeds Germinate?

When Walter’s Dad passed away, he left a pile of seed envelopes that
still contained seeds. Walter wanted to plant them but didn’t know
whether they would still germinate. Watch as he demonstrates a simple
way to test old seeds for viability.

Seeding Rates for Vegetable Crops

Building A Really Raised Bed

Raised beds are great for maximizing the space and productivity of a
garden. But for most of them you still have to bend over to cultivate
and harvest. Walter’s found an improvement: a raised bed that’s waist
high. Watch as he builds one for his garden, using simple tools and
lumber. No more aching back for him!