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October 4, 2007

Salvias for Fall Flower Color

Gardening in Georgia

Whether annual or perennial or whether you call them sage or salvia, these colorful flowers surely brighten a landscape. Annual salvias are mainstays of the summer garden but many perennial salvias can be counted on for a spectacular fall flower show. Amanda Campbell at the Atlanta Botanical Garden takes Walter on a tour of their salvia collection.

Publication: Flowering Perennials for Georgia

Planting Tulips

The bright spring blooms of tulips begin in fall with the planting of tulip bulbs. But what can you do to keep squirrels out of the bulb bed? Walter has an answer… and it involves chickens!

Publication: Flowering Bulbs for Georgia

Vegetable Pollination

Most vegetables and fruits depend on pollination to produce the food we eat. With the decline in honeybee populations, sometimes gardeners have to take things into their own hands. Walter shows which vegetables need a bit of help and demonstrates how a pencil or an electric toothbrush can be useful tools.

Publication: Georgia Gardening

Water Retention Granules

Summer drought makes every drop of water precious. A new product absorbs water when it is available and releases it when times are dry. Although not appropriate for every garden planting situation, Walter shows how to use the water-absorbing granules when installing annual flowers. Try them yourself and let Walter know how they work for you!