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September 20, 2007

Fall Color from Fruit on Shrubs

Gardening in Georgia
Sure, we appreciate colorful flowers, but other things provide landscape color beside blossoms. At the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Mildred Fockele guides Walter among several shrubs that have minuscule blooms but marvelously colored fruit.

Repotting Orchids

More than many houseplants, orchids appreciate fresh surroundings for their roots. Becky Brinkman at the Atlanta Botanical Garden shows Walter how to re-pot… but watch for her reaction when he breaks into a rap about gardening!

Publication: Growing Orchids

Home-Made Deer Repellent

Rose, hydrangea, hosta, daylily... all of these plants and many more garden favorites are delicious to deer. While Walter makes no promises of permanent repelling, his home-made concoction would surely give a deer a stomach ache. Rotten eggs and hot sauce – yummy!

Publication: Dealing With Nuisance Wildlife

Publication: Deer Tolerant Plants

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