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September 13, 2007

The Importance of Landscape Texture

Gardening in Georgia

Green shrubbery and colorful flowers are great to have in a landscape, but what about other elements that please the eye but are more subtle? Bryce Frazier at The Cloister tours Walter through her landscape design around a large water feature and tells why she chose plants for their texture more than their flowers.

All About Mushrooms

Some are poisonous, most are not, but all are fascinating. Mary Woehrel at the Atlanta Botanical Garden brings Walter a basket of these fun fungi and teaches him the basics of mushroom life and culture.

Cold-Hardy Banana Research

Could we grow banana as a crop in Atlanta one day? Maybe not – but growing them in south Georgia is a distinct possibility. Greg Fonsah has established a small plantation of different banana varieties in Savannah and is evaluating them for cold-hardiness. Will the names 'Gros Michel', 'Rhino Horn' and 'Cuban Red' be as common as 'Big Boy', 'Clemson Spineless' and 'Trucker's Favorite' in the future?