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August 16, 2007

Pruning Large Shrubs

Gardening in Georgia

Do you have a big holly that needs to be reduced in height? You can do it – even in summertime! David Berle joins Walter to climb into a sizable holly and take it down to size.

Publication: Pruning Ornamental Plants

Garden Design – Focal Points

A pleasing garden design includes many things besides flowers. Tara Dillard shares some of the items she uses to draw the eye to certain points in her garden. She sometimes uses plates… but not for dining!

War Against Weeds

Every gardener fights undesirable plants in their landscape. Fortunately there are many tools to help win the war. Walter demonstrates organic weed killers, dandelion diggers, the Cobrahead (!) Weeder and even a flaming weed killer. Now there's a tool that appeals to males in the garden!

Website: Lawn Weeds