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July 26, 2007

Weed ID – Seed heads

Gardening in Georgia

The best tools for weed control isn't a chemical or a hoe – it's knowing which weed you have so you can decide what is the best course of action. Walter uses a plant's seed heads to know which is which. Take notes so you can be a weed detective too!

Publication: Weeds in Georgia

Sago Palms

They aren't really palms, but these primitive plants are common throughout south Georgia landscapes. Rog Ditmer at The Cloister shows Walter the difference between male and female plants – and discovers destructive scale insects feasting on the fronds!

Splitting Daylilies and Cannas

It's nice when our money increases in a bank but plants increase in value too! Many plants slowly spread through offshoots beside the mother plant. They can be divided to give you more plants for your garden! Two of the easiest to dig and divide are cannas and daylilies. Sheldon Fleming, at Wonderland Gardens, gives Walter pointers on this simple task.

Publication: Flowering Bulbs for Georgia