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July 5, 2007

When To Prune Hydrangeas

Gardening in Georgia

July 4 is a national holiday, but Walter doesn't celebrate it with fireworks… he grabs his pruners and chops his hydrangeas! April freeze damage gives us ample reason to lower the height of mop-head hydrangeas without affecting our non-existent blooms. See the mound of stems and leaves Walter accumulates!

Publication: Pruning Ornamental Plants

Propagating Woody Shrubs

Whether it's a heirloom rose or a camellia salvaged from a grandparent's farm, there are many reasons to propagate woody plants. Walter demonstrates some easy techniques using household supplies.

Publication: Shrub Propagation from Cuttings

Garden Design – Axes

Most gardens are designed with a view in mind. Whether it's simple gazing ball focal point or a long path leading to another garden room, a correctly planned view can make a big difference. Walter joins Tara Dillard in her garden to learn about how she designs garden axes (the plural of axis!).

Tara's website