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June 14, 2007

Urban Ag Center

Gardening in Georgia

Agriculture is not just about farmers. In urban Georgia, agriculture is about caring for a few thousand square feet of lawn or choosing the best plants for a landscape or using homeowner pesticides properly. Dr. Ellen Bauske chats with Walter about the Griffin-based Center for Urban Agriculture as they plant a bed of summer annuals together.

Upside Down Tomatoes

You've probably had a crazy neighbor who tried growing tomatoes upside down in plastic buckets… and then bored you with long tales of how well it worked. Walter feels a bit adventurous and decides to try it himself. Despite his initial skepticism, he discovers that it works pretty well!

Different Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a favorite summer bloomer – and there are a lot of them from which to choose! Walter brings examples of his favorites, and explains the difference between lacecap and mophead flower forms.

Soaking Okra Seed

Some vegetable seeds are a bit recalcitrant when it comes to germinating. Walter says giving okra seed a warm bath first will help them sprout.