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September 6, 2003


Walter visits with Dr. Keith Delaplane, an
apiculturist with UGA's Department of Entomology, to learn about insect
pollinators. Walter learns that Georgia's native honeybee population
has been decimated by an invasion of predatory mites. Without bees,
other insects must assume pollination duties in our gardens. Dr.
Delaplane further explains why pollinating insects are so important and
which ones are most likely to come to the rescue. Then, Helen Phillips
leads Walter through a flower garden at The Gardens at Callaway planted
specifically to attract pollinators to show some of these beneficial

Need Information on Trees?

Fall is an excellent time to plant trees and
other perennials in your landscape. Looking for some objective and
research-based information on the why's, how's, and what's of planting
trees. Walter points out that your local county Cooperative Extension
office should be your first resource. In fact, there you will find the
pamphlet, "Fast Growing Shade Trees", that will have lots of
information and answers. Get your personal copy by contacting your
county Extension office.

Make a Wreath Using a Frame

Walter makes no claims in being a floral
designer, but when Nicole Gamble at The Gardens at Callaway shows him
how easy it is to assemble a wreath on a metal frame, he sounds as if
he may re-consider. Join Walter as he learns how to choose, prepare and
care for this easy-to-make decoration.