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September 27, 2003

Stone Pile Wildlife Habitat

Creating an environment that attracts wildlife
can be interesting, exciting, and beneficial. And, in today's program,
landscaping to attract wildlife takes on a whole new dimension. Host
Walter Reeves learns a new way to make an animal house from Dr. Jeff
Jackson, retired University of Georgia Extension Wildlife Biologist. He
shows Walter how to construct a simple, but indestructible, stone
condominium for mice, toads, chipmunks, and even the occasional snake.
It even has a basement and a penthouse for the creature's comfort!

Mosquito Control Basics

This is the season for West Nile virus; so,
Walter visits with entomologist Elmer Gray, UGA College of Agricultural
and Environmental Sciences, again to emphasize care we should take in
working outdoors at this time of year. Elmer has years of experience
trapping, studying and serving as lunch for mosquitoes. He shows Walter
some of the tools of the trade and gives solid tips on what works to
keep the insects at bay.

Fascination with Fasciation

If you've attended the Southeastern Flower
Show in Atlanta, you have seen the "flattened" willow stems that are
used to make attractive flower arrangements. This unusual stem shape
can be caused by bacteria, by viruses, or by genetics. Walter explains
the phenomenon and becomes quite fascinated by fasciation on a mallow