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September 20, 2003

Pruning During the Growing Season

Sometimes, it's much easier to "visualize"
your pruning when the plant has its leaves. But, tree pruning is
usually done during the dormant season! However, Walter explains that
you can prune during the growing season. He shows how, but cautions not
to remove any more than a quarter of the total foliage. Walter
demonstrates how to use a lopper, bow saw and pole pruner to reduce the
size of a 'Bradford' pear while leaves are present.

An Armitage Recommendation

Dr. Allan Armitage of the University of
Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences visits
with Walter to talk about one of his favorites, the spiderwort. Learn
Allan's theory on how this plant got its distinctive name. He'll also
tell Walter more about the care of this blooming, grass-like plant.

Disposing of Old Pesticides

Plagued with containers of old pesticides? Do
you have half-empty bags or containers of pesticide unreadable labels?
What do you do with such discoveries? Dr. Paul Guillebeau, IPM
Coordinator for UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental
Sciences, gives Walter several ways to safely and easily dispose of
unwanted pesticides.

College Color Bowl

Color bowls are attractive additions to a
patio or deck. They allow a gardener to be creative in a limited amount
of space. This week, Walter shows how to create color bowls in your
favorite college colors, including red and black (for the University of
Georgia, of course) and gold and black (for Georgia Tech).