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September 13, 2003

Repelling and Controlling Mosquitoes

There are so many products offered for
mosquito control nowadays. But, which ones of them actually work? And,
which ones are totally useless? Entomologist Elmer Gray with the
University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental
Sciences tells all to Walter. In fact, he evaluates a whole tabletop
full of products that promise to cure mosquito problems. However, he
selects only a couple that really work at keeping these pests at bay.
You'll have to tune in for the answer, but Walter hastens to add that
eating bananas or garlic is NOT among Elmer's picks! And, visit the UGA
website on mosquitoes and West Nile virus for more information.

Fringe Tree

Walter returns to his former life on the disco
dance floor when he compares the look of a fringe tree in the breeze as
looking like a giant white disco ball. Hank Bruno at The Gardens at
Callaway shows Walter two varieties – the American fringe tree and its
Oriental version growing at the Gardens at Callaway. Walter reports
that both are excellent choices for placing in Georgia landscapes.


Looking for indoor plants that are both
beautiful and adaptable? Well, you really should consider using ferns.
Walter visits Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina, to learn
more about these primitive plants and their proper care in the home.
Come along with Walter and learn!