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August 30, 2003

Stepping Stones

Walter always tries to lead you down
interesting garden paths – now he shows you how to make stepping stones
for that path! He uses nails to support strips of cardboard which can
be bent into any form to contain poured concrete. In today's show
Walter will make stones in the shape of a foot and a dogwood petal!

Summer Rose Maintenance

To produce the best blooms, roses need regular
maintenance, even in late summer. Walter shows how to mulch and
deadhead and endorses the Texas A&M "Earthkind" rose selections. Learn why female rosarians are not offended when someone says "My – you have lovely hips!"

Butterfly Plants

Butterflies are numerous this time of year.
Walter goes to the Atlanta Botanical Garden and their Children's Garden
area to identify and point out some of the plants most attractive to
adult butterflies.