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August 23, 2003

Carpenter Bees

The Department of Entomology at The University of Georgia is inundated
with telephone calls each spring about "those bees that are drilling
into my house." Indeed, carpenter bees are extremely common in spring,
but they are actually present throughout the summer. Dr. Dan Horton, an
entomologist with the College of Agricultural & Environmental
Sciences, tells Walter all about the life of this insect. He even shows
off his hoe handle that was ruined by these pests. You might as,
"What's the best way to control the pests?" Well, have ever considered
taking up tennis?

Armitage Pick – Purple Millet

Dr. Allan Armitage of UGA's Department of Horticulture has
become a regular guest on Walter's program. Dr. Armitage oversees a
trial garden for annual and perennial plants for the University of
Georgia and often shares some his favorite plants with viewers. This
week, tune in to learn about purple millet. Dr. Armitage will explain
how this plant that was discovered by University of Nebraska forage
researchers has now taken the garden world by storm. It is an excellent
addition to sunny landscapes.

Budding & Grafting

Have you ever tried
your hand at budding and grafting? If not, here's your chance to learn
all about how to actually create &"5 varieties on 1 tree" apple trees
and other horticultural wonders. Dr. Mark Reiger, horticulturist with
UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, joins Walter
this week to demonstrate how to bud a tree. Walter finds that it's not
as hard as it sounds, and by the end of the show, even Walter is an