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August 2, 2003

Staking Tomatoes

How do you stake your tomatoes? It is general
practice to keep tomato vines off the ground somehow, but the practices
differ from garden to garden. This week, Walter visits Melissa Butler
in the vegetable fields of The Gardens at Callaway where she
demonstrates more than a dozen different ways to keep tomatoes
supported. Walter confesses that he prefers wheat straw mulch in his
garden – because it attracts spiders, which help him reduce insecticide

An Allan Armitage Pick – Solomon's Seal

Dr. Allan Armitage, horticulturist with UGA's
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, visits Walter this
week to talk about Solomon's Seal. Allan confesses that this plant is
one of his favorites he has grown and evaluated in his trial garden for
annual and perennial plants at UGA. He says this variegated plant is
excellent for shaded landscapes. He also tells his theory on how this
plant got its distinctive name.

When To Harvest Vegetables

Ever wonder the best time to harvest those
garden veggies? There always seems to be a critical time when the
produce is at its best, both nutritionally and for your taste buds.
Your local county extension office has the answer in a pamphlet,"When to harvest vegetables". Get your personal copy by contacting a county extension office near
you. You may find other pamphlets that are of interest to Georgia

Pollinating Squash and Tomato

X-rated? No, not really! However, a common
garden complaint is that a squash vine has lots of flowers but no
fruit. Perhaps the blooms you see are only male flowers which,
thankfully, are followed in a few weeks by female blooms. Walter
demonstrates how to pollinate a squash by hand. Don't miss his tip on
how to pollinate tomatoes – using a chopstick!