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July 7, 2003

Southern Magnolias

Gardeners easily recognize the broad,
evergreen leaves of Southern magnolia but there are several other
magnolia species that have a place in the landscape. Walter tours the
magnolia collection at Biltmore Estates. Big leaf magnolia, saucer
magnolia, star magnolia and cucumber magnolia are among the choices.
Even the Southern magnolia has superior selections, including
'Bracken's Brown Beauty' and 'Little Gem'.

Pamphlet: Poison Ivy

Your local Extension office has many free
pamphlets on topics of interest for Georgia gardeners. One is "How to
Control Poison Ivy". Get your copy by contacting a county Extension
office near you.

Armitage Plant Pick – False Indigo

Dr. Allan Armitage oversees a trial garden for
annual and perennial plants at the University of Georgia. He certainly
could be expected to have favorites among the plants he sees. False
Indigo (Baptisia spp.) is one of them. Learn how the plant was
originally grown by Georgia colonists but has now become a choice,
drought-tolerant perennial. Join Walter's visit with Dr. Armitage as he
describes this fine plant for Georgia landscapes.


Some say "to may to", some say "to mah to".
Some say geranium...but a real gardener knows annual geraniums are
really pelargoniums. Denise Smith, owner of GardenSmith Greenhouse
displays dozens of different pelargonium. Some have darkened zones in
their leaves, some have flowers shaped like roses. To Walter, the most
fascinating are the scented pelargonium. Their leaf scent can range
from mint to chocolate to lemon!

When Yellow Leaves are Not a Problem

Gardeners understandably become concerned when
they see yellow leaves on a favorite gardenia, holly or magnolia.
Walter says that in late spring this condition is not uncommon – but it
is not a sign of a sick plant. These broadleafed evergreens naturally
shift their resources from older, interior leaves to the new leaves at
branch tips. His advice? If the plant seems healthy overall the yellow
leaves are just part of the process of getting ready for a new growing