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July 27, 2003

Mixing Your Own Fertilizers

It seems that garden center shelves and bins
are filled with such a large variety of fertilizers with all sorts of
analyses. But, what do you do when the particular analysis you want is
no where to be found? Dr. David Kissel, head of the University of
Georgia Soils Lab, shows Walter how to mix your own fertilizer using
34-0-0, 0-46-0 and 0-0-60 fertilizers. Walter helps by converting Dr.
Kissel's higher math into a simple explanation using wooden blocks.

Tying Up Berry Vines

Walter loves raspberries and blackberries,
especially those you can pick ripened and in your own backyard. Today,
he gives some timely advice for backyard gardeners wanting to plant and
cultivate some berry vines! After all, these plants and their berries
require little maintenance and experience very few pest problems. But,
they yield some bountiful harvests! A couple of his favorites are the
raspberry cultivar 'Dormanred' and the huge fruit of 'Kiowa' variety

Easy-Grow Orchids

Sound impossible? After all, orchids have the
reputation of being extremely difficult to grow and to get to flower.
Jim McDaniel, horticulturist at The Gardens at Callaway, shows Walter
some of his orchids that are simple to keep alive and blooming.