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July 14, 2003

Making A Flower Garland

Walter's expertise is plant health and
maintenance, not design. But when Nicole Gamble at The Gardens at
Callaway shows him how easy it is to use fresh flowers for daily indoor
decorations, even Walter gets enthused! Don't miss the table garland
and centerpiece they make together!

Pamphlet: Pruning Trees & Shrubs

Your local Extension office has many free
pamphlets on topics of interest for Georgia gardeners. One is "Pruning
Trees and Shrubs". Get your copy by contacting a county Extension
office near you.

Armitage Plant Pick – Bath's Pink Dianthus

Dr. Allan Armitage oversees a trial garden for
annual and perennial plants at the University of Georgia. He certainly
could be expected to have favorites among the plants he sees. Bath's
Pink Dianthus is one of them. Learn how this world-famous plant was
selected by Jane Bath of Stone Mountain and initially distributed by
Goodness Grows Nursery in Lexington. Join Walter's visit with Dr.
Armitage as he describes this fine plant for Georgia landscapes.

Tissue Culture

What if you have a distinctive plant that you
know will sell by the thousands – but it is very slow to reproduce? Dr.
Hazel Wetzstein shows Walter the basics of tissue culture. In her
University of Georgia research lab a single plant can yield hundreds of
identical clones. One of her research subjects is a bromeliad that is
over-harvested in the Amazon jungle. By perfecting tissue culture
reproduction of the plant, producers are able to "plant" the bromeliad
back in the treetops so they can be harvested again in a few years.
(Note: The new 'Endless Summer' hydrangea, which repeat-blooms in
summer, has been promoted by Dr. Michael Dirr and propagated by tissue