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May 3, 2003

Aboveground Irish Potatoes

When we think of potatoes, we think of tubers
below the ground. Today, Walter explores the question, "Is it possible
to grow Irish potatoes aboveground?" Dr. Wayne McLaurin, horticulturist
with UGA's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, shows
Walter a method that might work. He plants potato slices in soil and
then covers them with wet hay. The hay is piled on top of the potato
vine as it lengthens – producing spuds in the hay, not in the dirt. Or,
so says Dr. McLaurin! Walter promises to check back in a few weeks to
harvest our tater towers.

Storing Garden Chemicals Correctly

Almost all home gardeners and landscapers use
pesticides of one kind or another. Are your pesticides properly stored,
out of reach of children and protected from the environment? Dr. Paul
Guillebeau, entomologist with UGA's College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences, gives Walter some useful and practical tips on
how to put pesticides in their place.

Touring a Seed Packet

A seed packet may contain the beginnings of a
great tree or a great meal. The back of the packet, though, contains
lots of information that will help you produce the plant promised on
the front. Walter takes us on a tour of a seed packet and explains how
each bit of information can contribute to your ultimate success.