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May 24, 2003

How Flowers Make Seeds

Most plants reproduce with seeds, but have you
ever wondered where and how these seeds are formed? Host Walter Reeves
uses a daffodil flower to show viewers some basic plant structures that
allow any of them to form seed and to reproduce. With a daffodil flower
and a pair of scissors, you too can explain to anyone how plants

Which Bug Is That?

Georgia is home to thousands of insect
species, but only a few hundred are routinely seen by humans. Celia
Whitman, entomologist at The Gardens at Callaway, shows Walter a dozen
common insects that gardeners will encounter. She adds two arachnids,
or relatives of insects: the poisonous black widow and brown recluse
spiders. Gardeners should always be aware of these two because they
live in garden environs.

Allan Armitage Plant Favorite – Heuchera

Dr. Allan Armitage, College of Agricultural
and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia, oversees a
trial garden for annual and perennial plants. One of Dr. Armitage's
favorites among the plants he evaluates is Heuchera (also known as
alumroot and coral bells). Join Walter's visit with Dr. Armitage as he
describes this fine plant for shady landscapes.