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May 10, 2003

Plant-a-Row for the Hungry

Georgia gardeners last year contributed TONS
of fresh food to organizations that serve the needy. Walter visits with
Cobb County Master Gardeners at their BackAcher garden to learn more
about this great program. Many of Georgia's Master Gardeners are
contributing their talents in producing food for our needy neighbors.
It's not too late to dedicate a row in your garden to this worthy
cause. Check with your local County Extension Office or the Garden Writers Association web site.

Bamboo Growing

Bamboo is a fascinating and beautiful plant,
but if it escapes and wanders throughout your yard you'll have a hard
time bringing it back under control. Join Walter this week as he visits
the University of Georgia's Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens in Savannah
where he learns how to build and bury a barrier that will keep bamboo
from invading other areas of your landscape.

Butterfly Puddle

When planting a butterfly garden, we
immediately think of the host plants that attract the adults and on
which the caterpillars feed and thrive. But, butterflies also need a
source of water and minerals. Walter shows how to make an inexpensive
butterfly puddle that's guaranteed to bring these colorful insects to
your yard.

Replacing a Shovel Handle

Gardeners have a habit of overextending their
bodies AND their tools. Walter shows how to remove and replace the
handle of a shovel he "overloaded" recently. Now, if he could only show
us how to care for our overloaded knees and backs...