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April 23, 2003

Male and Female Hollies

There are lots of different holly species that
you can place in your landscape. All holly species have something in
common with each other as well as with human beings – there are both
male and female plants. Walter visits with Hank Bruno at Callaway
Gardens to learn how to identify the different sexes (of hollies, that

Poa Annua

It's green in the spring, and it looks like a
great lawn grass... until it dies in June! The weed some call "po
anner" is easy to identify and control, but as we'll find out, the time
to do it is either six months ago or six months in the future!

Know Your Weeds

Walter reminds us, "Know your enemy!" is a
famous dictum of battle. And, this is a cornerstone of managing all
sorts of pests in your home landscape and gardens. Knowing the identity
of the enemy (pest) is the first step in deciding if you need to take
steps to control the pest and what steps to take. In today's show,
Walter demonstrates how to identify the different kinds of weeds you'll
commonly encounter in your landscape. We also encourage you to contact
you local county cooperative extension agent for further advice and
assistance in identifying your pests.

Hose-End Sprayers

Walter has found that one of the easiest ways
to control lawn weeds with chemical herbicides is to use a sprayer
attached to the end of his garden hose. There are some tricks to its
use, however. And, Walter explains how the sprayer works and how to use
it properly.