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April 19, 2003

Mesclun Salad?

Ever heard of a mesclun salad? Sounds like a
culinary adventure, doesn't it? But, it's really just a mess of greens
mixed together. Dr. Wayne McLaurin, horticulturist with The University
of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, shows
Walter how easy it is to grow your own mesclun lettuce in a container.
Now, you can create your own home-grown salads for almost the entire

Ornamental Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes and yams... Now, those are
culinary delights! Both have been around for thousands of years. But,
only recently were these plants actually developed and used as
ornamentals. Walter visits the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC, to see
their collection of different varieties of ornamental sweet potato.
But, he comes back home to The University of Georgia to visit with the
horticulturist who promoted ornamental sweet potatoes to the garden
world. Dr. Allan Armitage of UGA's College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences tells Walter how he became aware of the plant's
ornamental potential.

English Ivy – Friend or Foe?

Shade – The Final Frontier... To boldly grow
where no other plant has grown... Oops! Sorry, wrong television
program! But, truthfully, English ivy grows where no other plant can
handle the shade. However, given the right environment, English ivy
quickly becomes an invasive pest. Walter shows a spot where ivy has
created a virtual desert, and he shares techniques for controlling this
opportunistic vine. Walter suggests using clippers or a herbicide.
Effectively managed, English ivy becomes a very nice ground cover in
shaded parts of your landscape. But, in your experiences with the vine,
have you ever seen an English ivy flower? Walter finds one and tells
how to determine whether a vine is old enough to bloom.