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November 29, 2003

Our Last Show

This week's episode of Gardening in Georgia is the last of our 5th season on the air. And, we've saved some of the best for the last. Today, you will learn about new designs in planting pots, garbage gardening, and copper pipe tuteur. Dr. Allan Armitage also pays Walter another visit talking about another of his favorite plants. We at Gardening in Georgia thank our viewers and wish each of you, "Happy and Productive Gardening".

New Ideas in Pot Design

You've probably removed a shrub from its pot and noted that the majority of the roots were on the outside of the rootball, just inside the pot shell. Dr. Wayne McLaurin, horticulturist with the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, wondered why growers couldn't redesign their pots to eliminate the central soil core. Viola! Wayne simply puts an inverted conical pot into a regular nursery pot and plants a small shrub on top. The savings in soil, weight and time could be substantial for growers and gardeners! Try it!
Caryopteris, an Armitage Plant Pick.
Walter is always pleased to welcome Dr. Allan Armitage with the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UGA to the show. This week, Allan tells Walter and viewers about caryopteris. This magnificent plant has fine foliage and blue flowers which appear when not much else is blooming. Join Walter's visit with Allan as he describes this plant that is well-adapted for sunny landscapes.

Garbage Gardening?

As kids, we often placed carrot ends or potato wedges in water and marveled at their growth in the kitchen window. If you haven't tried it with your kids, then do. But, this week, Walter expands that list of possible "garbage gardening" plants. Growing new plants from an avocado pit or a pineapple top is common, but Walter demonstrates tips that make the process even faster. For instance, which end of the avocado pit points upwards when planted? How do you keep it small and bushy? How much fruit should be left on the pineapple top? Walter shares answers to these questions and more!

Copper Pipe Tuteur

Copper is an attractive and long lasting material to use in making garden ornaments. In this episode, Walter uses copper pipe and strips of treated lumber to make a tuteur. Tuteur? You ask! Well, imagine a 6-foot tall Eiffel Tower in your garden covered in flowering clematis! Now, this sounds like a nice project for the winter months in preparation for next growing season!