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November 1, 2003

New Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a popular plant for southern
landscapes. They produce wonderful summer flowers. Homeowners
frequently ask when to prune and what are some new cultivars that are
being released. Walter says that knowing when to prune (in July) can be
tricky. But, he says hope is on the way! He visits the Center for
Applied Nursery Research in Dearing, Georgia, to see the new 'Endless
Summer' hydrangea which blooms all summer long no matter when it is
pruned. He's also impressed with the 'Lady in Red' red-stemmed
hydrangea and the 'Chantilly Lace' tardiva hydrangea.

Flower Arrangement Tricks

Those who are really gifted at flower
arrangement keep many tricks up their sleeves in order to make flowers
look their best. Nicole Gamble at The Gardens at Callaway shows Walter
five different ways to keep flowers pointing in the direction you want.

Fall Color & Sound

The fall garden is often not as colorful as a
spring and summer garden. However, there are many plants which offer
color in early fall. Walter tours the Research and Education Garden at
the University of Georgia Griffin campus to point out colorful plants
for the fall... plus others which offer wonderful sounds to enjoy.