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October 4, 2003

Choosing Potting Soil

All soils are not the same. Yet, the quality
of your soil determines how successful you'll be in raising plants.
Hey! The same is true of houseplants as well. You might think that a
potting mixture is a potting mixture, but not so. Walter shows viewers
a simple test to use to tell if your potting soil drains properly and
allows plant roots to breathe.

Moving Plants Indoors

Our patio plants have enjoyed the summer
outdoors, but many are tropical and cannot be left out in the cold.
Walter visits Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina, and learns
how to prune tropical hibiscus and to prepare other plants for their
move indoors for winter. Timely topic, given our approaching fall and
winter temperatures!


Mulches provide protection to our landscape
plants the year round. We often think of mulches in the summer months
when Georgia's heat and frequent droughts demand that soil be covered
to prevent the escape of precious moisture. However, mulches also
provide protection to plants during colder temperatures. As you
probably know, there are many different kinds of mulch, and Walter
shares with viewers what he learns about them all from Jim McDaniel at
The Gardens at Callaway.

Get the Facts on Georgia Native Plants

Fall is actually the best time to plant your
perennials. And, some of our most hardy, beautiful, and interesting
perennials are native to Georgia. Want some facts on Georgia native
plants? Your first stop should be your local county Extension office
which always has many free pamphlets on topics of interest for Georgia
gardeners. One is "Native Plants for Georgia Gardens" that will provide
some excellent information and facts. Get your copy by contacting a
county Extension office near you.