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October 25, 2003

Planting a Tree

Last week, Walter showed viewers how to select
a healthy tree at your retail center. This week, he shows how to plant
that tree. You might think that planting a tree is simple. Heck, dig a
hole and shove it in the ground, right? Well, not if you want it
survive more than a few years! Walter demonstrates each step in
planting a tree correctly, from choosing the right tree to mulching it.

Become a Master Gardener

Ever thought about becoming a Master Gardener?
If you're an avid gardener and a life-long learner, this program is for
you! Thousands of dedicated volunteers throughout Georgia and the U.S.
have learned, learned, learned through this program. And, all have
donated millions of hours to the Georgia Master Gardener Program in
return. Walter visits with some Master Gardeners from the Cobb and
DeKalb programs to find out what they do and how they "mastered"

Purple Beautyberry

"Psychedelic" is one of the best words to
describe the color of purple beautyberry. Hank Bruno at the Gardens at
Callaway shows Walter different varieties of beautyberry. There's even
a white-berried form that isn't so likely to make your eyes pop when
you see it!