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October 11, 2003

Enjoy Flowers the Entire Year

Try as you might, it's just about impossible
to bring freshly-grown flowers from your garden into your home in the
fall. And, in the winter, don't count on it at all. Well, Walter learns
there's a way around this problem. He visits with Nicole Gamble at The
Gardens at Callaway to learn the easiest ways to dry garden flowers and
enjoy them year-round. For more on this subject see Drying Flowers.

Spruce Up Those Pansy Beds With Spring Bulbs

One trick to make a bright color contrast in a
pansy bed is to underplant them this month with spring-flowering bulbs.
Walter shows how to plant bulbs in a pansy bed and lists which ones do

Controlling Weeds in Vegetables Without the Hoe

Having grown up on a farm, Walter has no love
lost for garden weeds. Hoeing them was his least favorite chore. If you
also dislike weeds in your vegetable garden, Walter demonstrates how to
use a pre-emergent chemical to prevent weed seed from germinating and
becoming a problem that you must manage later with your blood, sweat,
and sometimes tears.

7:00PRick Steves' Europe

Western Turkey

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Tahiti & Bora Bora

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Speed & Feed

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Cumberland Island

9:00PChristmas With The Mormon Tabernacle Cho
10:00PChristmas In Norway With The St. Olaf Choir