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September 21, 2002

Growing Citrus in Georgia

Have you ever imagined eating a lemon or lime
you grew yourself? Most people think Georgia winters are too cold for
citrus plants but Dr. Mark Rieger begs to differ. He shows Walter
several kinds of citrus that he keeps in pots on his patio and move
indoors only on the coldest days of winter.

Future Plants

Everyone likes to know about the newest
products and fads. Bobby Saul, co-owner of ItSaulPlants, is the person
who finds and introduces new plants to the marketplace. Bobby shows
Walter several fascinating plants you'll see at your local garden
center soon!


If you've attended the Southeastern Flower
Show you have seen the "flattened" willow stems that are used to make
attractive flower arrangements. The unusual stem shape can be caused by
bacteria, by virus or by genetics. Walter explains the phenomenon and
becomes facinated by fasciation on a mallow plant.