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September 14, 2002

Disposing of Old Pesticides

If you discover a half-empty bag of pesticide
dust with an unreadable label, what do you do with it? Dr. Paul
Guillebeau, an entomologist with The University of Georgia College of
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, gives Walter several methods
of safely disposing of unwanted pesticides. For more information on
using and disposing of pesticides safely please visit The Department of
Entomology web site.

Copper Pipe Tuteur

Copper is an attractive and long lasting
material to use in making garden ornaments. Walter uses copper pipe and
strips of treated lumber to make a tuteur. Don't know what a tuteur is?
Imagine a six-foot tall Eiffel Tower in your garden covered in
flowering clematis!

Latin Names of Plants

And, you heard Latin was the dead language!
Not in botanical classification of plants! In fact, Latin names are
important in describing plants. Denise Smith, owner of GardenSmith
Greenhouse, and Dr. Wayne McLaurin, horticulturist with the University
of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, show
Walter a dozen plants whose Latin name describes their physical
features. If Walter's hair was any grayer, we might give him the Latin
name Walter reevesii 'Hirsuta alba'.

Native Plants

Ever wanted more information on using native
plants in your landscape? Well, as Bob Westerfield of the College's
Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture explains, you can get it in the
form of the publication, "Gardening with Native Plants," produced by
the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service and available through your
local county extension office.