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August 31, 2002

Stepping Stones

Walter leads viewers down an interesting
garden path, and he shows how to make stepping stones for that path! He
uses nails to support strips of cardboard which can be bent into any
form to contain poured concrete. In today's show he makes stones in the
shape of a foot and a dogwood flower petal!

Growing Citrus in Georgia

Speaking of new and interesting gardens...
Dr. Mark Reiger, Horticulturist with the University of Georgia's
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, shows Walter that
growing citrus plants is not as hard as it seems. Several cold-hardy
citrus are available which can be grown on a deck or patio and moved
into the house on the coldest winter nights.

Mushrooms in Your Lawn

Mushrooms are the fruiting (flowering) part of
an underground fungus. Walter shows a line of mushrooms which sprouted
where a tree root died and is being decomposed by fungi. There is no
way to eliminate the underground fungus, so there is no way to prevent
mushroom occurrence. There is, however, a way to deal with mushrooms
after they pop up. Some can be quite fun and entertaining!